AC 2023 naslovna s podporniki

They made AC Ljubljana 2023 possible

The truth is, there is no event without money. We are really thankful to our sponsors and donors, who enabled us to prepare the international Annual Congress Ljubljana 2023. Thank you for believing in youth and supporting FEJS.

🔥 Pro PLUS
🔥 P&A Torkar
🔥 Accuro
🔥 Revoz
🔥 Študentska organizacija FDV
🔥 Univerza v Ljubljani
🔥 Imporus
🔥 Intesa Sanpaolo Bank

Big thanks to 🔥 I feel Slovenia (Government Communication Office) as well for the material for our participants that nicely represents Slovenia.

AC Ljubljana 2023 podporniki
Annual Congress Ljubljana 2023
AC Lj 2023 I feel Slovenia