Annual Congress Ljubljana 2023

FEJS Slovenia is preparing the Annual Congress (AC) Ljubljana 2023 in cooperation with FEJS (Forum for European Journalism Students) International.

From the 13th until the 18th of April we are hosting journalism students and young journalists from all over Europe in Ljubljana. Our main activities include lectures, workshops and roundtables with recognized lecturers, experts, and journalist workers.

The topic of the FEJS AC Ljubljana 2023 is safety in journalism.

This topic is very relevant and, unfortunately, also extremely current nowadays in the world of journalism. We will address safety and on the other hand dangers and challenges in journalism. That is why we titled this event “The Fearless Press” with an additional slogan: “Journalists unfettered, reporting safe and better”.

Journalists face a range of risks and dangers while carrying out their work, especially in conflict zones, authoritarian regimes, and areas where there is social unrest. They are exposed to physical violence, political and economic pressures, threats, harassment, detention, and even assassination. At the Annual Congress we are going to tackle issues of safety in journalism from different perspectives.

We want to educate young journalists about the dangers they may face and give them knowledge on how to protect themselves and stay safe while reporting. Because participants are coming from all around Europe, this congress will be a perfect place to exchange thoughts with people with different experiences. The participants will have enough time to talk to each other formally and informally to get to know the different situations and environments they come from. A community of young journalists who can exchange knowledge and help each other even later in life is the most important goal of the congress.

Organising committee of AC Ljubljana 2023
Sabina Zorman, Martin Poljsak and Neža Borkovič, the Organising committee of AC Ljubljana 2023